I would like to take this opportunity to thank Marek for his collaboration. I truly enjoy working with him. I appreciate Marek’s extensive knowledge and experience with business appraisals. As a business angel and an investor in early stage companies, I find it beneficial to reach out to professionals like Marek and ask for advice. His work and report that Marek creates are very valuable for my portfolio company, Click Quick Now Ltd. I am sure, in the future, there will be numerous occasions to call upon his expertise again. I look forward to crossing pass with Marek again soon.

Daniel Lewczuk
Founder & CEO

I worked with Marek for two years between 2014 and 2016 at KGHM International Ltd in Vancouver. Marek was the Internal Audit Manager, and I was the Vice-President of Reporting and Accounting. We worked together closely on numerous internal audit projects. Marek impressed me with his positive attitude, his humility and his comprehensive knowledge of business valuation and finance.

In 2012 Marek Panfil was a member of the advisory team which provided management buyout (MBO) consulting services to me and one other executive at Elproma Elektronika, Ltd. I was the CEO at that time and had a minority stake. The company was controlled by a foreign family-owned business. Marek provided the following advice:

  • Analysis of financial statements;
  • Review of financial forecast;
  • Valuation of a majority stake in Elproma using discounted cash flow and adjusted net asset value methods;
  • Raising financing for the purpose of the buyout;
  • Creation of the MBO model which we adopted.

Marek has extensive experience with MBOs, financial analysis, business valuations and strategic advice. Any MBO process involves a high degree of pressure and uncertainty. Marek guided me every step of the way, ensuring that our decisions were correct and that our timing was right. This MBO was successful for me and my business partner. We acquired the company, raised the needed funding, restructured the company and finally retired the entire debt after only three years. I strongly recommend Marek as a business valuator and as a strategic advisor.

Tomasz Widomski
Co-owner, member of the Supervisory Board

I worked with Marek when I was the Canadian and International Tax Manager at KGHM International. Marek forged strong working relationships with his colleagues at all levels within the company. Marek embraces challenges, and relentlessly pursues professional development opportunities, for example the CBV course. I enthusiastically recommend Marek as a senior advisor and business valuator. He is highly motivated and an experienced team player. I look forward to working with Marek again in the future.

Eddie Ting
Senior Manager, Tax

I attended Marek’s two-day workshop Business and Intangible Assets Valuation with Excel at Ernst and Young Academy of Business in Warsaw, Poland in December 2017. Marek is passionate about teaching corporate finance, and he explains complex technical topics with clarity and ease. He has extensive international academic and professional experience that is greatly appreciated by his students.

An experienced financial expert with a charismatic personality, Marek is passionate about business valuation and strategic management. He has high professional standards and is committed to excellence in communication and results-oriented performance. He is an excellent teacher as well. I strongly recommend him to anyone seeking an ethical and diligent advisor. First class!

Andrzej Staniszewski
Project Manager, Post-Implementation Capex Project Evaluation and Analysis Department

Marek is a responsible, trustworthy and dedicated researcher, teacher and practitioner in the field of corporate finance. He dedicates himself to all areas of endeavor and brings every project to successful completion, creating lasting added value for his clients. He is an innovative collaborator with a unique ability to build relationships and motivate and focus stakeholders on the challenge at hand.

Marek and I worked at KGHM International, Vancouver. I was responsible for Financial Reporting and Marek was the Internal Audit Manager. Marek is an outstanding manager with a knack for building strong relationships across all levels within an organization. He has an outgoing and sincere personality and consistently provides value-added service. I wholeheartedly recommend Marek as an experienced advisor with a broad international perspective.

Jay Kapadia
Corporate Controller