At various stages in their development, companies typically raise capital from two distinct sources: equity and debt. This book examines traditional sources of financing like investment loans, issuance of new shares (ordinary and preferred), leases, corporate bonds as well as less-conventional vehicles such us venture capital, mezzanine, management and leveraged buyouts, cash pooling, factoring, and asset securitization. Each chapter of the book investigates a different thought-provoking case study.

książka Finansowanie rozwoju przedsiębiorstw. Studia przypadków.

Publication details

Company Development Financing: Case Studies

  • Authors: M.Panfil (ed.)
  • Publisher: Difin, Warsaw
  • Year: 2008
  • Pages:  1-479
  • Website: Difin

Marek authored

  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: Interpretation of financial statements using an example of PKN ORLEN Capital Group
  • Summary

Prizes and Awards

  • Nominations to the Beta 2008 prize in the field of finance management
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