This is a highly-practical compilation of case studies illustrating essential knowledge, methods and procedures related to whole-enterprise valuation as well as appraisal of discrete parts and individual assets. The authors draw the reader into engaging analysis of valuation techniques using real-world examples from a variety of sectors, including retail, fashion, food, telecommunication, mining, and others.

Discounted cash flow, multiple, adjusted net assets and real options are among a variety of valuation methods examined. In addition, the multi-period excess earning, discounted cash flow and replacement cost methods are applied to the valuation of brands, non-compete agreements and assembled workforces.

Wycena biznesu w praktyce. Metody i przykłady wycen przedsiębiorstw

Publication details

Business Valuation in Practice: Methods, Examples

  • Editor: M.Panfil
  • Publisher: Poltext, Warsaw
  • Year: 2009
  • Pages:  1-208
  • Website:

Marek authored

  • Enterprise valuation in Poland’s circumstances
  • Chapter 7: Equity Valuation of Service SA by three methods

Prizes and Awards

  • Award of the Sixth Edition of the Economic Publishers’ Fair in the category Theory and Practice of Business (2007)
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